Analysis and Logistics for the passenger transport service

Transportation Analysis


We proceed to analyze their transportation service requirements, in order to offer a solution. 



Per each route, we will setup different points for the employees to be picked up, pick up points are set up according with factors as, location, accessibility, employees addresses, public transportation availability, etc.

We will be using 15 passengers van (Ford Transit, Chevrolet Express, Nissan NV3500) and 8 passengers minivan (Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey) for the trips, according with the amount of passengers on each route. 

Rates and Conditions


Round Trip refers to a route where passengers are transported to Work and returned to the pick up location, they do both pick up and return trip.

Waiting time policy of “$0” charge.

Trip time policy, there is no extra charge in the case trip time increases due to any external circumstance (Traffic, Accidents, Weather, etc).

Fuel price policy, prices will not be affected by an increase in fuel prices, as long as the average regular gas price remains below as agreed by Gal, any increase in the fare per trip will be discussed due to this factor