Transportation Service Benefits

Increased employee productivity & general well-being


Reducing time on the shuttle gives employees some time to prepare for the day ahead, giving them time to rest and relax, allowing them to arrive ready to start working. 

Reduces challenge of government compliance


Many state and regional governments require employers to offer Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) programs to reduce SOV commuting and achieve better air quality

Company incentive for recruiting and retention


Transportation Service is a great factor in order to attract new hires and reduce turnovers. Impact for employees goes from health and wellness benefits, savings on gas and vehicle costs, etc.

Qualify for IRS non-taxable Fringe Benefits


Section 132(f) of the Federal tax code allows tax-free transportation fringe benefits of up to $130 per month per employee for transit or vanpool expenses. Employees receive more from tax-free transportation fringe benefits than from a comparable salary increase since they do not pay federal income or payroll taxes on the value of the fringe benefit.

Go green


Encouraging your employees not to drive my themselves to work not only helps with SOV compliance but dramatically reduces your carbon footprint.

Better workplace satisfaction and corporate identity


Be known as a great place to work, one that cares about their employees and supports the work-life balance.